Kill Shot: An American Assassin Thriller (Mitch Rapp) by Vince Flynn

Kill Shot Reviewed by Allen Hott

Perhaps a difficult story for some to believe but in today’s world there seems to be little doubt that this type of thing can happen. Kill Shot tells the story of a political assassin hired and trained by a department of the United States government. Yes, that is right. He is a U.S. citizen and is hired by our government to “take care of” political enemies.

Mitch Rapp is the assassin and he is primarily out to destroy those known enemies who were responsible for the killing of the several hundred citizens in the Pan Am Lockerbie catastrophe that occurred. (And it stands to reason there are probably more of these assassins who are working their way and riding the world of those who have caused harm to the U.S. during these terrorist years.)

However Rapp’s latest assignment has turned out to be a catastrophe. He has been making “kills” for over a year with absolutely no problems but on this one in Paris it seems that everything goes wrong. The target had supposedly been checked out completely and had no bodyguards, etc. to cause Rapp any problems. But just as Rapp had finished his job and was heading out suddenly there appeared four rapidly-firing gunmen with Rapp as their target.

Rapp makes his escape although wounded. He immediately figures that someone from within his own organization had targeted him and he plans to not only find out who did it but to pay them back in his way.

Because of the way the organization is set up when this sort of thing happens there are two choices. One is that the assassin immediately calls in to find out what to do or the second thing is that the organization sends someone out to “get” him as they cannot afford mistakes.

Since Rapp feels betrayed he does not call in but begins to work through what happened and why. Shortly thereafter the organization sends out several teams, both administrative and “workers”, to get to the bottom of the problem and to find Rapp.

Another major event then occurs that convinces Rapp that he is correct and he decides he will phone his immediate supervisor whom he trusts fairly well. He will tell her his plan to see her reaction. He also arranges for his present girlfriend to meet up with him and give him needed medical care.

From there Kill Shot becomes an interesting tale of how our government works in a crisis mode and how other countries become very involved. Their involvement can be helpful or hindering depending on their own viewpoint of the incident.

Vince Flynn writes often about the U.S. government and how things are handled. He seems to have a pretty good idea of the internal workings and he builds thrillers around the possibilities. Very well written with very little profanity and no sex. A quick read that is interesting right up to the final page.

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