The Rendition by Albert Ashforth

The Rendition Reviewed by Julie Moderson

Did you ever wonder what really goes on behind the story that we are told about a war? This book tells us what really is hidden from the press, the story behind the story.

Alex Klear is sent on a top-secret mission to Germany. Alex breaks into a house belonging to Ursula Vogt who is a journalist for a German magazine. As he breaks into the home, Colonel Sylvia Frost watches for police a block away. Alex finds Ursula’s writings hidden in a room behind her bed. Hopefully, what they have uncovered will provethat the American they are holding in the murder of Vogt is innocent.

Doug Brinkman is a Green Beret who has been the handyman for Vogt while trying to get information about who has gassed 40 soldiers; America is being blamed for this horrible crime.

At first this book charged so fast into who was who and then it all clicked for me and I was thoroughly engrossed in one of the best books that I have read. It takes until the very end before you know who did what and why. This is a must read for anyone who wants to understand what really goes on.

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