Scorpion Winter by Andrew Kaplan

Scorpion Winter Reviewed by Caryn St. Clair

Following Scorpion Betrayal, the “spy for hire” Scorpion returns in Scorpion Winter. The basic plot is this- Scorpion is spooked when he is contacted directly by a Ukrainian businessman instead of through normal channels. However Scorpion agrees to take the job, since the businessman wants Scorpion to intervene and prevent an assassination of a Ukrainian presidential candidate which would most likely cause a war between Russia and the Ukraine and could quite easily have global ramifications.

Set against the all too real troubled 2010 Ukraine election, Kaplan spins a fairly good thriller with the plenty of action, a very high body count and of course a beautiful woman. Scorpion is forced to work with or around as the case might be, several governmental agencies, the local police, secret police, NATO, the Ukrainian mob and of course the CIA.

Where things get a little messy with this book is that the plot is quite involved and a bit hard to follow. This is in part because of the insertion of foreign words and phrases throughout the book. While the reader pauses to figure out what is being said, the flow of the story is stalled. Also, there are many characters with foreign names so remembering who they all are is a bit of a task. Given the book is set in and around theUkraine, that makes sense, but it would have been helpful to have had a listing of the characters to refer back to while reading.

If you like your books to be fast paced with plenty of action and a high body count, then Kaplan’s Scorpion series is just the thing for you. Certainly fans of the Barry Eisler “Rain” books would enjoy this series.

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