Operation Seedling
by Micheal Andrisano

Operation Seedling Reviewed by Cy Hilterman

Operation Seeding” turns a very controversial subject of weather control into a very connected story. I loved the book and its characters. The author wasted no time in allowing the reader to start deep thinking as to how much control do scientists actually have over our weather here on earth and how much do we want them to have? From droughts to floods to way over average snow and rain and what it does or could cause on earth to all of the humans that live here. So many depending on crops grown, picked, and harvested and so many of those crops that could be ruined by weather extremes. Who would cause such terrible man-made horrific events to threaten our food supply and everything connected with it? Could it be individual farmers, scientists, or governments attempting to control God’s weather domain? Starting in 1953 during the Korean War the rain and floods more or less controlled the movement or stoppage of military actions when torrential rains stopped movement of troops and buried many in mud and snow. All of this caused by the finding of chemical formulas to drop into clouds and cause terrible weather in one area and good weather in another nearby.

In years to come, the various controlling governments of the world had scientists working on ways to control the weather to benefit their nation for various reasons, be it war, sports, Olympics, droughts, hail, or any other cause as time went on. At first it was American top generals and officials that thought they had weather controlled but as time went on other nations military and governments “encouraged” their scientists to come up with weather control.

Forward in time, Clara and Justin Beach graduated from the FBI Academy. They were not related but they were very interested in each other. They were assigned in different areas but they still kept in touch and eventually worked together on the weather problem. The U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania had passed away and his replacement was appointed, an appointment that was strictly political. He knew virtually nothing about his duties and responsibilities but he now had authority to do what he wanted. A huge company named H.T. Wetco was still growing. The family running them had many under their thumbs in order to have them produce what Wetco wanted for weather control. Yes, Wetco had developed much of the materials to control weather and had much inner fighting as to who controlled what. Some military generals were hand-in-hand with the company and also in bitter infighting to control the company.

As the story continues so does the battle for control. Military men were planning on killing other military men as well as civilians, all determined by who was in control or whom they wanted in charge. Various areas of the world were involved with the battle for control and the killings occurred almost anywhere. If anyone thought another person knew too much, goodbye to him or her. Some that we thought were friends killed each other or had them killed but the killing didn’t stop. Some of your heroes in the story might not make it through the book. And to think that this all was caused by humans trying to control weather. A real good story with many changing their minds and desires.

Weather control could be very good for the proper reasons. We have droughts that cause minimal growth of the crops. Rain in controlled amounts would benefit us all in those situations just as floods could be at least partially controlled. Cold climates of the world could be kept cold to avoid too much thawing. Snow could be controlled so it doesn’t pile up over villages. But, who would control such a thing? Do we trust our world governments for that?

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