Diary of a One-Night Stand by Alexandrea Weis

Diary of a One-Night Stand Reviewed by Julie Moderson

Kara Barton seems to have everything that she wants but she could blow it all by a one night stand or maybe that is just what she wanted to do.

Kara and Cal have been married just long enough to no longer appreciate one another; they are constantly bickering and making each other miserable. Cal doesn’t help with their beautiful daughter, Simone. Simone is a child who wants it all, not just horseback riding lessons but she wants her own horse too.

Scott Ellsworth a known womanizer. He trades in women so often his ex-girlfriends become friends with one another because he has been with almost every woman in town. is Kara is a successful attorney and so is her husband Cal. They work at different firms. Kara often has the job of being the company eye candy and that is how she met Scott Ellsworth. She leaves Cal for Scott and moves Simone into Scott’s house with her, she allows him to buy her new clothes and a new car and a horse for her daughter. She is about to get into trouble with the firm because it is a conflict of interest to sleep with the client.

This book keeps you guessing as to what will happen next.

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