Deadly Little Secrets: The Minister, His Mistress, and a Heartless Texas Murder by Kathryn Casey

Deadly Little Secrets Reviewed by Vickie Dailey

Deadly Little Secrets is a true crime story. It is the story of Matt & Kari Baker. Both come from fairly religious backgrounds. The two meet at school where Kari is pursuing a career in teaching and Matt wants to become a baptist minister. They soon marry and have two little girls. Sadly after a long illness the second daughter passes away.

Throughout the book we learn that Matt has many secrets in his past. Secrets that would have made a difference for what comes next. Numerous times Matt has been accussed of sexual harrassment with various women with whom he works as well as family friends.

After several years of marriage and another child, Kari committs suicide, or did she?? The police never see anything but a suicide and Kari is buried without an autopsy.

Kari’s friends and family can hardly believe she is gone – let alone committed suicide. They start digging and find many of Matt’s secrets not to mention his new girlfriend ( not 2 months after Kari’s death). When the local PD won’t help, they finally find someone who will listen. Through the ensuing investigation, Matt finally comes under suspcion in Kari’s death.

brings our greatest fears into play – can we ever know someone as they really areDeadly little secrets .

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