The Farm by Charles C. Anderson

The Farm Reviewed by Cy Hilterman

Action packed story that reads like you are there in person. Lieutenant Commander Andrew Carlson was a U.S. Navy Seal. He was as rough and tough as they come. He was part of a mission to be inserted into Saudi Arabia by helicopter, dropping by rope to the sand below. Luckily for Andy he was the first one down the rope because the helicopter’s engines must have sucked in too much sand, causing a turning, twisting, motion and crashed and burned before any others could get out of the helicopter. Andy, along with his equipment, was thrown about but fortunately far enough away from the crash site to avoid extreme injury and loss of much of his needed equipment. Andy was sad that his fellow Seals and the crew lost their lives but he knew he had a dangerous mission charged to him by the CIA and he had to carry on. Andy was also a trained emergency physician, which he would definitely need on this mission.

Andy made his way across the extremely hot desert to the point where he picked up some camels pre-arranged with some Bedouins. Andy knew where he was headed to get to a certain palace but didn’t have any idea what obstacles he would encounter. He found an empty palace except for one locked room where, he eventually found out a young woman who had been brutalized by the men of the local area. Andy did not want a woman to slow him down but he figured it was for her good if she went along. His assignment had been to find a container that supposedly contained some nuclear weapons to be sold to the highest bidder. The containers were at the palace so Andy contacted his superiors as to location and surroundings so they could dispose of them. His immediate boss at the CIA was Harrison, a man that Andy did not trust, nor did he trust the American president. Shortly after, Andy left the area sending the girl to safety.

Time advances eighteen months and Andy is back in his emergency room working his miracles on the patients. Lindsey was an experienced nurse that worked the ER and was getting to know Andy and Andy her. If it seems like I am giving you too much of the story you are wrong. This will give you a slight idea of how much is packed into “The Farm” and what keeps your interest tremendously. The next part has a pair of Saudi princes come to the ER and this is where the international intrigue really starts. Andy owns a huge area called “The Farm” that has all types of buildings, battlefields, underground caves and passages, protected like a fortress so no one could penetrate it except a neighbor that Andy asked to take care of it and keep an eye open for any trouble.

From here the farm becomes even more of a fort type area impenetrable by outsiders. Lots of action takes place there with combatants, with Lindsay, and with Andy reinforcing for attacks he expected due to the CIA and the president wanting to get rid of Andy. The medical terminology in this story will boggle your mind. Probably for many of us that are not medical experts we won’t understand much of what is going on medically speaking but the author, being an experienced physician, keeps the reader fairly informed as to what he is doing to what. The many battles with others including the government agencies themselves keep Andy busy. When Lindsay gets hurt Andy gets her to the hidden medical operations part of the farm and works extremely hard on her. She was hurt so bad that Andy wasn’t sure she would make it but he was determined to save her and her baby—in fact–twins. Even while pregnant Lindsay assists Andy as much as she physically can in preparing for their “war”. While “The Farm” seems as though it isn’t possible and must be a fictional area, who knows if it is in place as the author explains his story using the farm as the background to this explosive story.

If I write any more about “The Farm” you will be sick of reading so much but I tell you, this is non-stop action, plausible or not, that you will be engrossed in for hours. To the author, Dr. Charles Anderson, I thank you for this excellent story that taught us a lot about caves, the old south, how government operations can turn sour, much about medical procedures, Emergency Rooms and their importance, and what working together can create.

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