Thunder in the Morning Calm by Don Brown

Thunder in the Morning CalmReviewed by Cy Hilterman

The North Korean War, Police Action, or Korean Conflict, whichever one would call it, occurred many years ago in the 1950’s and has been mostly forgotten except for those that survived, their families, and the families of those that were killed or missing. This excellently written story revolves around a prison camp in North Korea where a few American prisoners could possibly still exist from that war, now being quite old in their 80’s, if any survived. The story starts in a North Korean Prison where three that did survive that war were still alive but their day-to-day health was quite delicate. Their treatment, even for a healthy young prisoner, was torturous with no regard for age or health consideration. Keith, Robert, and Frank only existed, since no human should have had to endure those conditions. There was a woman that came in from outside the prison camp who would do some things to assist these men but she was limited to very little in the way of supplies.

Lieutenant Commander Gunner McCormick, United States Navy, was summoned to a meeting at the secret location of the Office of Naval Intelligence, unaware of the subject of his meeting. When Gunner left the meeting he knew there was a possibility that some Marines still could be alive in North Korea and he would do anything to attempt to rescue them. Gunner traveled across the nation and was then flown to the aircraft carrier, The USS Harry Truman, which was in the Yellow Sea just off the Korean Coast. Thus started the adventures of Gunner that caused international intrigue, infiltration of enemy territory, battles of life or death, and even some live battles that were unexpected.

The story takes Gunner from the ship and started him on his way to attempt to find some Marines that might or might not be alive. His travels through some very hostile areas, both militarily and where nature showed its fury, had danger with every step. Gunner had two others with him to assist him, John “Jackrabbit” Davenport, and Colonel Jung-Hoon, both of who had been in special missions most of their lives. They made a tight knit group who eventually bonded to safeguard each other’s lives during this dangerous and wild mission.

You will learn a lot of history of the area, geography, people in general, and a vast knowledge of the locations of various important areas as you roam through enemy territory. Gunner’s grandfather had gone missing in North Korea. It was unknown if he survived or not but this quest to find any still existing prisoners prodded Gunner even harder. Don’t miss this adventure.

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