Uplifters, Inspirational Stories From The Heart by Debbie Hoffman Nutile

Uplifters~Inspirational Stories from the Heart Reviewed by Cy Hilterman

There are twenty-three mostly delightful heartwarming stories in this book, including one from the author. As I read each story I felt almost every mood I could possibly feel as others told me personal stories from their heart and mind as they remembered them. A few were a bit “out there” in my mind but in the writers mind that part of their life must have been very meaningful.

All of the stories were placed in this book exactly as each author remembered and told them. Some of the spelling and punctuation was off but the general meanings get through. The first story gets the reader started very well with a driver that knew something was wrong with them so they pulled over and requested an ambulance. Sure enough, she was correct regarding her health. The rest of the stories run from inner feelings of the writer, to their relationship with God, to their love of nature, to their love and sometimes failure of humans, to animals, and on and on. Most had a need for something, but they were not sure what that “something” was. Some had parents or other family problems that needed straightened out in their life; some needed a better presence with God; some just needed guidance for the next step of their life.

I think you will enjoy these personal stories, some of which might cover a part of your life that is, or has been giving you, thoughts, and concerns. Your answer might be the same resolution occurring with the writer of one of the stories in “Uplifters”. The book is small in size but large in meaning.

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