The Black Stiletto: Black & White by Raymond Benson

The Black Stiletto:  Black & WhiteReviewed by Julie Moderson

What a great book! It was a book that kept you wanting to read just a little more and you just couldn’t put it down until you finished the book.

Judy Cooper is the Black Stiletto. This book is written in a journal method and it just flows perfectly between Judy’s journal and Martin her son in present day. Martin finds his mother’s journals and her black stiletto costume and knows she was the Black Stiletto.

The Black Stiletto was a 1959 to 1963 heroin who was a crime fighter. The police and FBI wanted her. Martin finds an 8mm film of his mother and he is shocked to see his mother so young, beautiful and so lethal in her karate and judo moves compared to the present day Alzheimer inflicted woman who no longer knows her own son. The photographer’s son who filmed his mother in 1959 is blackmailing Martin for a million dollars. Martin doesn’t want anyone to know his mother is the Black Stiletto.

Raymond Benson does a wonderful job telling this tale with humor, suspense, love and just great characters in this outstanding book.

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