Faith of the Heart (Back to Omaha Adventure) by Jewell Tweedt

Faith of the HeartReviewed by Teri Davis

Claire Secord is the type of person that each of us wishes we could be, hardworking, reliable, with values and beliefs reflected in her daily life. Since the death of her parents, she has worked as a nanny to two rambunctious boys in Gettysburg while still heartbroken over the loss of her fiancé who was fighting with the Union Army nearby. During a battle, he disappeared. Now, she presumes he is dead.

Claire receives a telegram from her aunt explaining that her husband recently died of a heart attack. Her aunt asked her to come to Omaha to help with the running of their small store in this frontier town. Since this is her only family and she feels indebted to them, she immediately quits her position while anxiously wondering if this is the best choice for her.

Life seldom works out as we expect and Claire is shocked when arriving in Omaha only to discover that her aunt now has also died.

Greeting Claire is the handsome sheriff of Omaha who escorts her to her new home and store. What does Claire know about operating a general store? She begins her new life by cleaning.

Entering this transition in life is her fiancé who now has a new life and identity. Claire has never taken off the necklace that was a sign of their promise and love for each other. Why not, unless she still loves him? One thing though is the same. He still wants Claire as his wife and to begin their life together back East.

Claire has proven her own sense of commitment and love to her fiancé but has he proven his love or just his desires? Can she love this man who now has a new name and life? Is he really the man that she loves or does she have a stronger feeling for someone else? She knew that she loved him once, can
this love be rekindled?

Jewell Tweedt is a native of Omaha, Nebraska. Having previously written several magazine articles, she teaches school while also writing the next book in this series.

Read Faith of the Heart to discover the love of Claire’s heart.

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