Where Am I Going?: Moving From Religious Tourist to Spiritual Explorer by Michelle Cromer

Where Am I GoingReviewed by Caryn St. Clair

How many of us have at one point or another in our lives thought along the line of, “is this it?” or “is this what I’m meant to do?” Author Comer had just those types of moments and decided that no, this “wasn’t it” and no this was not “what she was meant to do.” The problem was, while she was sure that there was something greater for her in the world-or at least something different, she was clueless what that something else was or where to find it. Where Am I Going? is the story of her quest to move from being an observer of life to being actively engaged in life.

Most people would look at the author’s life prior to this book and wonder why she was unhappy. She had a strong marriage, a terrific job and loving family. But for Cromer, something was missing. Raised in a meat eating, God fearing strong Texan family, there were definite expectations for her growing up and as an adult. There was not a lot of wiggle room in those expectations either. When she decided she could no longer eat red meat for instance, her mother told everyone she had developed an allergy to the meat rather than admit her daughter no longer ate the Texas staple. So can you even imagine the fall out when the author decided that she needed to explore other religions and beliefs? We’re not just talking visiting the Lutherans or Catholics here either. Cromer’s journey took her literally around the world as she dabbled in various forms of spiritualism.

The journey began with her picking a place on the other side of the world from her Texas home. The first stop on her quest was Kathmandu, Nepal. In this relatively brief book of about 170 pages, readers will follow her as she visits holy places around the world, has her fortune read, goes for a tarot card reading and becomes friends with a mystic. The book is a bit of a travel log, sort of a how to seek a different life manual and a lot of a comical memoir of the author.

Some readers may be a bit put off by the whole premise that the author’s life before all of this was so pathetic, or, given the fact that very few people have the resources to just set aside their lives and do all of this, may find it all a bit much. But the tale told in Where Am I going? is a fascinating one to be sure.

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