They Always Win: Inspired by a True Story by Anthony Pesare

They Always WinReviewed by Cy Hilterman

Mobs have been around since time has been recorded. When Anthony Pesare sent me his book I have been engrossed by its contents, questioning why and how these organizations run by thugs, killers, persuaders, financial controllers, and much more can control so much in the world. The book is excellent and will make you also wonder about the same things that puzzled me. The author, now the Chief of Police of Middletown, Rhode Island has seen it all and I am sure lived much of it. I also wondered what connection, if any, he had in the story.

The story begins as it follows a recruit for the Rhode Island State Police force, Gino Peterson. Gino was Italian and he knew that most of all police forces were very short on Italians, partially because of the many Italians in the mob. After his graduation Gino dug in as so many opposed him as an Italian on the state police force but Gino was determined to make a difference. While in training and the early part of his work, he was transferred around to many rural areas but Gino figured it was time to try to get into the intelligence part of police work. He had a rough life as a youngster, knowing that some of the things he did were not really legal but he followed orders given to him by his family. These things taught Gino much about the mobs. Sex, drugs, beatings, shaking down merchants, and killing were routine in the mob.

Gino knew some of the mobsters from his past association when he was younger and he used these connections to investigate and question some that he knew. His sergeant and immediate boss on the force was Michelle, a woman that Gino had feelings for from the first time he saw her but the rules were that no state police officers could fraternize with each other. These two did eventually have deep feelings for each other and saw each other secretly, or so they thought, for a long time. Michelle helped give Gino lifts in the intelligence unit to do some work otherwise not available. Gino got deeper and deeper into the investigation of several murders in which the mob was known to be involved. Gino would interview inmates trying to get them to cooperate in murder charges against those most wanted. He worked with those inmates and prosecutors preparing a trial against some key members of the mob.

You will learn much about the mobs organization and how they were able to intimidate, mostly through fear, so many not to testify against the guilty mobsters. You will go to trial with Gino, the mobsters, and those that decided to testify against those mobsters with whom they had been associating with for years. Gino, in most cases, would work directly with the attorneys. You will listen as a jury would listen including the selection of that jury. You will hear verdicts that seem impossible and charges that flew around like a bird but very few would actually believe most of them. The book is easy to follow but so enjoyable. The subject matter will leave you wondering how and why these organized groups exist.

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