The Devil’s Elixir by Raymond Khoury

The Devil's Elixir Reviewed by Teri Davis

Every parent sees that their child is special, but what if your child really has an ability that is rare and possibly prized by others? Would you take your child to a specialist to verify this ability or to improve this gift? Keep those questions in mind when reading this book.

Michelle Martinez was working in her kitchen when she heard her doorbell. Since she was personally working on not being a super-woman, she asked her boyfriend to answer it. Unfortunately she did not plan to hear the sound of gun shots using a silencer. Her training and adrenaline kicked in as she immediately ran from the house and grabbed her son who was playing in the backyard. Where do you go?

Michelle called the only trustworthy person who could investigate this incident and still protect, Sean Reilly. Since it has been five years, he was surprised to receive the call and to discover that Michelle kept a secret from him. Her son is also his son.

Sean Reilly is shocked at this disclosure. Quickly, Sean flies to California and discovers the situation extremely treacherous involving his son. He soon realizes that he needs help from his girlfriend, Tess Chaykin, who also flies to the area to help.

The Devil’s Elixir shows a different side of the endless war on drugs and how it is always changing. The characters of Tess and Sean are not as developed in this novel as in the previous novels, The Sign, The Sanctuary, and The Last Templar. However, the focus of this particular novel is still action adventure but more realistic without all the constant near-misses, even though there are still plenty of those. The focus of this particular installment of this series was the character development of Sean’s son.

The Devil’s Elixir is a page turner that is different from Raymond Khoury’s previous novels, but definitely worth reading. Raymond Khoury is definitely an author who can weave a tantalizing tale.

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