Private Eye Protector by Shirlee McCoy

Private Eye ProtectorReviewed by Jane Squires

The title is perfect. Chance Richardson is a private eye who saves a woman who worked in his firm from an automobile wreck. He does not figure on becoming her protector.

Rayne Sampson moved from Arizona to start over. After a car accident she cannot remember why. She is guardian of a friend’s baby, Emma. Her friend died of a drug overdose which turned out to be murder. She asked Rayne to care for her baby if anything happened to her.

This is a book hard to put down. Suspense, murder, faith and love unfold in the story. Neither Chance nor Rayne want to fall in love but it happens. They can see how God brought them together.

This is a mystery that reveals Rayne’s ex-boyfriend in a different light than Rayne knew him to be. Rayne never felt she could be a mother to Emma but she will protect her at all costs even if it means her life. She also thought she could never trust a man again but it happens.

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