Midnight Alley by Miles Corwin

Midnight AlleyReviewed by Julie Moderson

This has to be the best book I have read in a long time. Miles Corwin really knows how to draw you in and spit you out and leave you begging for more. Wow! Corwin is a former LA Times reporter and really knows his stuff and I can’t wait to read more of what he writes.

Detective Ash Levine is a well-known homicide detective. He is a hardworking, dedicated smart man who digs in and keeps on digging until he solves the crime not always going by the book if it means he will get the killer. Ash and his soon to be ex-wife are on their way to a weekend getaway when he is called in to handle a double homicide and one of the murdered young men is the son of a loud mouthed city councilmen who will scream police against minority young men. Ash goes for days with very little sleep but he keeps on going strong. When people that Ash interviews turn up murdered, Ash needs to find the connection and find it fast before more murders happen.

What is the connection and why are they willing to murder people to reach their end?

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