Lonestar Angel by Colleen Coble

Lonestar AngelReviewed by Cy Hilterman

Colleen Coble has written many books encompassing several series but she never ceases to amaze me at the quality of those stories. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of her books and, Lonestar Angel is no exception. It is a down-to-earth story about a couple that had their very young daughter kidnapped from them shortly after their marriage. Shortly after that occurred, their life together was changed when they separated, even though their feelings for each other were still there. Eden Larson was in a restaurant with her current boyfriend who wanted to ask her for her hand in marriage but felt he needed to find out about Eden’s past. Just as this was going on, Clay Larson, her former husband, appeared to tell them both that he had never signed the divorce papers Eden had sent him five-years before. After back and forth words by Eden and her new friend, Clay told her that he had found their kidnapped daughter, Brianna, and explained that they were not divorced.

Eden did not know whether to believe Clay about their daughter being alive or the divorce not being in effect, so he explained he had received a picture and a note supposedly showing Brianna at a ranch for children in foster care in Texas. Eden and Clay were so excited of the possibility that Brianna was alive but the message with the picture told them they better get to Texas and pay a fee if they ever hoped to see their daughter again. Eden and Clay decided they would try to obtain work at this ranch in Texas to find out if this was possible. They got the job and loved working with the children as they tried to keep their mind on the job while searching and waiting for contact from the ones that had stolen her years before.

There is much adventure in this Christian story as Eden and Clay got closer together, worked with the children while trying to keep them in a Christian, God-loving life. No matter how hard they tried to figure out which of the five girls Brianna was, they still weren’t sure. They took a type of DNA test that would give them a quick check on each girl but when it came back, it only created more questions. The book is an easy but delightful read. There are many characters in the book but all are kept in a way that won’t confuse the reader. You will love this book if you like life’s stories connected to God.

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