In Her Sights by Robin Perini

In Her SightsReviewed by Cy Hilterman

Jasmine “Jazz” Parker was an expert with a rifle. She was the lead sniper for the Jefferson County Police Department, recently won by her talent, but bitterly fought by others in the department. This story is excellent as it gives us a glimpse of law enforcement in a small county police force and the politics that go with the positions within the force. The author has to know a lot about the subject as she has written such an excellent story telling in interesting detail this very plausible story. Jazz was raised in the home of an alcoholic father who would beat her and her mother to a pulp before taking off and disappearing for a long time, until he beat his wife so badly that he killed her. Jazz was used to running and hiding to avoid the beating she knew was coming from her father.

The story opens with Jazz having her scope and rifle sighted on the person that had kidnapped the daughter of the Governor. She had this man in her scope sight for some time awaiting the perfect shot and the approval to take her shot. Gabe Montgomery was also on the county police force and was one in on the current situation. His brother, Luke, was a writer who just had to have his news story before the news occurred, if you can understand the mindset of a person such as Luke. Luke felt there was something wrong in the Jefferson County Police Force and he was determined to find out what no matter whom he hurt along the way. He and Gabe were entirely two different types of men and Luke was in love with Jazz, which plays a part in the further parts of the story. Jazz finally received the order to shoot and she nailed the culprit and saved the Governors daughter. At the mini-celebration in the bar after the scene was cleaned up, Luke and Gabe got into it pretty good as Luke had to put in his two-cents worth about the shooting and the entire police force. This banter between the two brothers never did end all through the story and it is a good part of the book.

Another “villain” on the police force was Brian Tower, the son of the Sheriff. He had it in for Jazz and had reported her to Internal Affairs for investigation. After she had saved the life of the Governor’s daughter she thought she would receive an advance in position, not be investigated. Between Luke and Tower, Jazz didn’t know which was giving her the roughest time. When the next chance arrived for the team to need a sniper, Jazz lined up her shot but when she took it, she missed quite badly and wounded Gabe in the process. This gave more ammunition to Luke and Tower to show up Jazz. Jazz knew she couldn’t have missed, much less that badly. She felt someone had sabotaged her scope and/or her rifle. This she tried to prove on the practice range but no one would listen to her side. Jazz was relieved of her lead sniper position, which made her search deepen to find out who or what caused her miss.

The entire story is great. Robin Perini did a fantastic job in writing this book. It has police actions, love encounters, violence and close completion between the police force, sex, and much mystery. It is a thoroughly enjoyable story. When I read a book, and believe me I read hundreds, once in a while I will tell my wife she would enjoy a particular book. This book is one of those.

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