Dobbin and the Stardust Trail by Diana Medler

Dobbin and the Stardust Trail Reviewed by Chris Phillips

Medler has written a wonderful tale of friends helping friends. The illustrations by Amanda D Olson enhance the words, transforming them into an exquisite dream for children.

Diana, the main character, and Dobbin are partners in a dream existence. They travel to the fields of a heaven populated by magical horses. On a particular night Diana hears of a horse that has been left alone and his little girl Sarah, who has not called him from the fields. Diana and Dobbin must fix the situation and save Sarah.

The characters are well developed for the shortness of the book. Medler is able to start here a series that could well become another family tradition.

Hopefully, Medler will write many tales of Diana and Dobbin’s adventures. The enclosed picture of the horse Rockin’ Dobbin and his life story are wonderful extras.

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