Deep Sky by Patrick Lee

Deep Sky Reviewed by Julie Moderson

I did not read the first two books in this three-book trilogy, and wish I had but it will be hard to go back and read books out of order since I know the ending.

From the first page to the last page this book is so interesting that it is hard to put down. Patrick Lee writes an incredible story. In the first chapter, as the president of the United States is addressing the nation from the Oval Office and a missile crashes into the White House, everyone who is watching this on TV sees the flash of light and then a black TV. In this day of instant news coverage they hear almost instantly that the President is dead. Within hours of the White House attack there is another attack against Boarder Town, a top secret place where scientist Tangent is located, and the only clue as to what happened is at the launch site and is says to see Scalar.

Travis Chase is part of a top secret team that is caretakers of the Breach and he is also part of a top secret team called Tangent. Travis is an ex-cop and no one knows what Scalar is and they only have twenty-four hours to find out or something terrible will happen.

What a great science fiction story. This is a must read if you read the first two books.

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