Unrepentant Siren by Karen M. Bence

Unrepentant SirenReviewed by Chris Phillips

Bence follows up the Midnight Revelations with another compelling and haunting sequel. Characters from Midnight Revelations come back into focus and then erupt into a mystery and in fact a horrific secret that murder is the mildest repercussion these secrets generate.

The story line begins with a shocking accident. Leila, Sara’s best friend, is electrocuted. It is a freak accident but apparently only a near death experience for Leila. Sara is the protagonist of the tale carrying to plot with many exciting and interesting discoveries. Alex, Leila’s fiancé, has been part of the dramatic changes in Leila’s life. Alex is the one boyfriend that survived Leila’s six month rule and then he proposed.

After Leila’s recuperation, all the interested parties go to Charleston for the plans that Alex’s mother has for a grand traditional wedding get pushed at Leila. Sara and her son, Jack, are involved as they came to Charleston as a support group. Then the odd happenings that seem to always follow Sara and Jack start up even in Charleston. Sara finds herself drawn into some deep dark family secrets and she must solve these mysteries to save her friend, her friend’s marriage and ultimately her own life.

The characters present from the first book in the series, The Dark Whispers Series, continue to develop and are further enhanced with abilities that Sara must deal with and even help Leila to understand and pay attention to. Leila and Sara develop a strong psychic connection despite efforts to stop it. David, Sara’s husband, becomes more supportive and understanding.

The plot has sufficient twists and turns to keep even those who don’t ever read a book sitting on the edge of their seats. Surprises crop up with unnerving regularity while still maintaining a depth of character not often seen.

Bence has done it again and supplied a sequel leaving the reader with a longing for the next book in the series. Although this deals with some sensitive issues the book should enthrall any young adult through jaded mystery reader. Highly recommended as a stand-alone, it is even better when read after Midnight Revelations.

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