Revealing Eden (Save the Pearls Part 1) by Victoria Foyt

Revealing Eden (Save the Pearls Part 1) Reviewed by Diane Pollock

Eden would be the envy of many young women, feisty, smart, beautiful and blonde. Unfortunately for her, she is born into a dsytopian future where pale skin means radiation poisoning and early death. Thus racial stereotyping is thrown on it’s head. Our heroine must mate before she turns 18 or risk being abandoned by society and forced to live a short, brutal life on the outside. She longs for a Coal (black) mate so that her children will not face the same stigma of being a Pearl (white).

Eden’s mother died of The Heat when she was younger, and her father is a distracted and intelligent scientist working to improve mankinds genetic code and save the human race. When the experiment goes awry due to interference, Eden and her father find themselves in the wilderness together with the experimental subject…now half man, half beast.

Eden longs to be revealed…to find a lover who will truly see her, not the color of her skin….but she must learn to see as well as to be seen.

The author creates a fascinating and logical world and Eden is a likeable heroine who endears herself to the reader even as we groan with her mistakes and misguided anger. Eden’s mother loved the poetry of Emily Dickinson, and it is peppered liberally throughout the tale adding a depth of dimension usually not seen in such works. Eden also admires and emulates her father, the scientist, and the sprinklings of scientific facts also add to the educational value of a fun read.

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