How to Party with a Killer Vampire: A Party-Planning Mystery by Penny Warner

How to Party with a Killer Vampire Reviewed by Patricia Reid

Where is the best place to hold a film wrap party for producer Lucas Cruz? The film is a vampire parody and party planner Presley Parker manages to wheel, deal, and line up a cemetery for the party. Not everyone would be brave enough to throw a party in a cemetery but Presley thinks it is the ideal location.

The day before the party is to take place Presley runs into a group of young people practicing the art of Parkour. Parkour includes vaulting, running, jumping and climbing around obstacles and a cemetery offers plenty of obstacles.

Presley warns the group that they are trespassing but this does not seem to bother them at all. The next morning the body of one of the participants in Parkour is found in the cemetery. This does not bode well for Presley’s party. Presley begins her own investigation and soon has plenty of suspects but before she narrows the suspects down more violence occurs.

Presley has a strong and persistent character that drives her to jump into situations that she should leave to the police but she does tend to get to the bottom of the story in her determined manner. Following the clues, she makes some wrong turns but eventually winds up with the correct answer but not without putting herself in danger.

The characters in the book are fun and make for a fast read. Each chapter begins with a tip on how to host your own Vampire party. The book also offers a sneak peek at the next Party Planning Mystery.

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