Collision of Lies by John J. LeBeau

Collision of LiesReviewed by Julie Moderson

Collision of Lies is a very fast paced incredible novel. The book starts out with the murder of a man at sea who turns out to be an undercover officer. Then an important political man has a car wreck and dies. Is it murder or an accident on a dark lonely road?

The characters in this book are so well developed and you feel part of the team in trying to solve the crime. You try to find out what the big secret is and how they are going to stop this crime from being committed. This is a tale of murder, intrigue, and political partnerships that is amazing.

This really makes you wonder about crimes that seem incidental but in reality are so much more. I really liked this book but I need chapters so I can stop reading. Without them, I kept reading because the book was so interesting. At times, the number of characters was a bit overwhelming.

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