Ayjay’s Millions by Jack Wassermann

Ayjay's MillionsReviewed by Julie Moderson

I loved this book. The humor, the suspense and characters were so well developed and I was surprised at every turn. What a different book!

A.J. Carlin is a unique Private Investigator; she is confined to a wheelchair since contracting an illness after being locked in a chicken coop as a child. She is a beautiful, sexy young woman who seems to be very blunt in her assessments of a case.

She has a friend who just found out his long lost mother died many years ago and left him millions of dollars. Her friend somehow ends up spattered on the sidewalk and AJ suspects he has been murdered except the door is bolted from the inside. Then she finds out she is his sole beneficiary. As she struggles to cope with the loss of her friend, she finds that people connected to the money all seem to meet with questionable deaths.

Will AJ solve the mystery of where the money came from and who killed her friend before she is injured or murdered?

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