The Platinum Loop by Austin Williams

Platinum LoopReviewed by Julie Moderson

Author Austin Williams has written another fantastic book. His first book, Crimson Orgy, was great. In Platinum Loop, William’s weaves a story line with such finesse that you never guess where it is going and it shocks you when you get there.

In Las Vegas in 1973 a small film producer, Gene Hoffman, is flat broke and trying to forget his past. He meets up with a schemer, Floyd Manning, who says he has a plan with little risk and Gene looks at it as his ticket out of the poor house but it turns into the worst plan ever.

The plan is to make a film starring the most famous platinum blond of the 29th century but she is deceased. They have the perfect fill in but she isn’t quite what Gene expects and comes with lots of excess baggage. Some vengeful people and a private investigator that would love to see them dead pursue them. Gene and Floyd take a trip to Tijuana to sell their deal to a very intimidating man who is the most evil and dangerous murdering criminal. They think they had bad luck before but now it is worse.

You will never see any of this coming and it keeps surprising you right up until the last page. Platinum Loop is definitely a page-turner.

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