The Sixes by Kate White

The SixesReviewed by Caryn St. Clair

There have been many books and movies done about secret societies on college campuses and there have been a ton of books and movies about mean girls. So how about a book that brings the two themes together? Author White has written a doozie of a book that takes “mean girls” to a whole new level.

It begins with the very first line, “Something wasn’t right.” The reader is immediately hooked and is slowly reeled in as the protagonist travels further and further into the evil surrounding her. Phoebe Hall, an author of bestselling tell-all biographies of the rich and famous found herself disgraced when she is accused of plagiarism. When her boarding school roommate offers her a teaching position in a small Pennsylvania town, Phoebe leaps at the opportunity to leave New York for a semester. But things start going seriously wrong when a student disappears just months after her boyfriend vanished. Phoebe agrees to help when her friend, Glenda Johns, the college president, asks her to nose around a bit and see what she can turn up about the missing students. She starts asking questions and researching various people connected to the two students and uncovers some things that make her uncomfortable. Unfortunately, she has stepped into a few places others wanted to remain hidden. Things begin to turn seriously dangerous for Phoebe.

There is much going on beneath the surface of this sleepy college town with characters who have many faces. Phoebe constantly has to guess who she can trust and who is part of the larger cover up. The author has given readers a well paced, suspense driven book that will keep them guessing until the end who the good and evil characters are.

This would make a great movie or television series. As a book, it will appeal to many teenaged readers, especially those who like the “Pretty Little Lies” Television series. For adult readers, people who enjoy Mary Higgins Clark or Mary Jane Clark’s work might find this just the book to take with them to the beach.

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