The Big Goodbye by Michael Lister

The Big GoodbyeReviewed by Patricia Reid

Jimmy “Soldier” Riley is a one-armed Private Investigator in Panama City, Florida and the time is 1943. Jimmy is in a partnership with Ray Parker, a former Pinkerton detective. July is a cute little gal that works for the agency.

Ray and Jimmy have a lot going on and things are jumping in Panama City. When Lauren Lewis walks into the office Jimmy isn’t sure how to handle it. July wanted to send her in to see Ray but Jimmy insisted he could handle it. Lauren was married to Harry Lewis who was a leader in the city and getting ready to run for office. Jimmy and Lauren had an affair that was over now but just seeing Lauren made Jimmy remember every moment of the affair.

Lauren thinks someone is following her and wants to know if it is Jimmy. Jimmy denies that he is following her but senses that she is in danger. Jimmy decides whether Lauren likes it or not he is determined to protect her.

Protecting Lauren is easier said than done. Part of the time, he can’t even find her. Soon bodies start turning up and Jimmy is facing danger every step of the way. Jimmy has to call in help from his friends before he eventually is able to locate Lauren and attempt to get her to safety.

The story is puzzling as well as exciting. I figured out exactly what was going on with Lauren about half a dozen times. None of my ideas were correct. The ending was a shocker and I went back and reread some of the book and even though I knew what was going to happen I still couldn’t see it coming. A great book.

If you like exciting detective novels don’t miss this one.

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