Spycatcher by Matthew Dunn

SpycatcherReviewed by Nancy Eaton

Will Cochrane is an agent of MI6’s Spartan Program. What is the Spartan Program? Only one man is allowed to go through this program at a time and if he is lucky enough to survive at the end, he is given the title Spartan. There are no other “Spartans” in the program as long as the one given the title is still living. As a result, you can just imagine how valuable this Spartan is to others.

A new terrorist plot is being planned but where it will take place is not really known. There are some ideas that it might happen in Europe or the United States. Who is behind the terror plot? Is it someone Will might know?

Author Matthew Dunn is a former member of MI6 and writes this story with a good deal of experience behind him.

Spycatcher will keep you guessing throughout the book and is an excellent spy thriller. If you like James Bond, you will love this book. Spycatcher is full of non-stop action. There is also plenty of violence. As Will Cochrane begins his search, more bodies start to pile up. Will believes he has the answer to find the terrorist but danger lurks everywhere. Cochrane is a complex character who is very smart and good at what he does; however, at the same time, he can make a mistake.

Is he going to be able to go through with his plan and survive?

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