Rogue (Ike Schwartz Mysteries) by Frederick Ramsey

Rogue Reviewed by Teri Davis

For anyone who works in law enforcement, fortunately they seldom have to investigate any accident or crime scene involving their loved ones. What is the right thing for them to do? Should they continue to do their daily work or should they take a leave of absence for their personal lives and investigate what really happened?

Sheriff Ike Schwartz is in this quandary. Her fiancée, Ruth Harris, was driving his vehicle when she was involved in an automobile accident. Being that he is from the small town of Picketsville, the local big city police believe that this was the result of a normal accident, even though it was a hit-and-run. They seem to have decided not to spend any more time or effort on this investigation.

Frustrated, Ike decides to investigate on his own and attempts to take a leave of absence. With an impending election fast-approaching, the mayor does not want to grant this. With Ruth in a coma, Ike feels compelled to investigate on his own. Was Ruth the target or is someone trying to get even with Ike?

Fortunately for Ike, Charlie Garland, a former CIA employee, offers to help and investigate the crash.

Rogue shows the difference between following the law and justice, going rogue with Ike. This novel shows the realism since the characters don’t always make the best decisions but they daily do what they believe needs to be done. The voice of Ike shows intelligence, humor, curiosity, and a drive to do the right thing.

Frederick Ramsey is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. He studied medicine, astronomy, and religion. He presently is retired and lives in Arizona.

This story is well-organized and continues in the development of the characters without having to read the previous novels. The pacing perfectly matches the action within the story. Though a little depressing and very realistic, this is a mystery plotted out by the masterful author, Frederick Ramsey.

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