In the Time of Bobby Cox by Lang Whitaker

In the Time of Bobby CoxReviewed by Allen Hott

If you like baseball this is a good book. If you like the Atlanta Braves this is a great book. If you like Bobby Cox this may be one of the greatest books you will ever read.

Lang Whitaker is and has been a die-hard Atlanta Braves fan for many years. He followed them before they became “America’s Team” and he is still following them today. In his book he explains how he and quite often his Dad have sat on their couch and watched the Braves win and, oh yes, sometimes lose.

He explains how he has “helped” Bobby Cox manage the Braves from his couch. Not always agreeing with Cox’s moves but always still a fan and a believer in Cox overall.

While going on about the Braves and Cox, Whitaker also gives you an up-close and personal look at his life. How and why he did what he did and how and why he became a sports enthusiast, commentator, writer, and blogger. He has written for many of the top magazines and newspapers in the country as well as being a columnist for His credentials are varied and well deserved.

Through the course of the book Whitaker tells tales of happenings of many of the Braves through the years. Like many Braves’ fans he goes on and on about the likes of Maddux, Schmoltz, Glavine, Chipper, and many others. Because of his stature as a writer he has gotten to know more of the inside stories of many ballplayers and describes them to the reader very well.

His recounting of the days when David Justice was a Brave is particularly interesting especially because of the Justice and Halle Berry marriage/divorce.

Another funny episode from his own life is when Whitaker participates in the shooting of a television commercial for Speedway convenience stores. The commercial involves a scene with Whitaker and several of his friends playing baseball. The story is interwoven with his David Justice tale and it all blends together very well.

He also has a list of every player who played with the Braves from 1990 until the book was written. He kind of ranks them based on how much he liked or disliked a player. He does goes into detail on many of them and gives his reasoning for his feelings.

Overall an interesting, funny, and at one or two places a tad sad due to life and its quirks. It is an extremely fast read especially if you are into baseball and the Braves! A really good look at what happened “In the Time of Bobby Cox”.

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