Flowers for Her Grave: A Grim Reaper Mystery by Judy Clemons

Flowers for Her GraveReviewed by Teri Davis

What if your son and husband recently died? Added to that, now you are wanted by the police. Are you willing to face life or would you prefer to run away and start over?

Casey Maldonado decides to leave her life in Ohio and to start life again in Raceda, Florida as a fitness trainer. She has an unusual companion though, the grim reaper. Yes, Death, L’Ankou, is staying with her. Those who fear death cannot see him, but those who do not fear him, do see these apparition.

Casey decides to change her name to Daisy Gray. To begin her new life, Daisy teaches fitness classes for a trial week at no cost to them. She is hoping that this will allow her to rebuild her life with new friends and to build confidence in herself again.

Naturally, Casey/Daisy has an attraction for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Late at night, Daisy finds one of residents in the locker room, bleeding. Even though she does the right thing and immediately gets help, the resident still dies. The police were able to discover that Daisy was not involved and could not have caused the death since the security video tapes backed her story. Unfortunately, not all the residents feel the same way.

Daisy decides to ask some questions. Being naturally curious and wondering who she can trust allows her to also investigate. Is the murderer a resident or could it be one of the staff? Could the murderer be one of the former fitness instructors? Could it be a jealous woman? Could this be part of a larger blackmail scheme? Who are these people?

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