Dead Man’s Switch: A Kate Reilly Mystery by Tammy Kaehler

Dead Man's SwitchReviewed by Patricia Reid

Tammy Kaehler’s debut novel Dead Man’s Switch introduces Kate Reilly. Kate loves racing and although she has had some experience, she is looking for a full-time position with a racing crew. When she pulls into the track at Lime Rock Park in Lakeville, Connecticut where the American LeMans Series is racing on the 4th of July weekend she pulls into a dead man. Or maybe a better phrase would be that she pulls over a dead man.

The corpse under Kate’s car turns out to be Wade Becker, a corvette driver for ALMS. The driver’s death was a shock to everyone but not necessarily counted as a loss since Wade seemed to have a number of enemies in the racing world.

When Kate is offered the position of filling in for Wade, she is thrilled but uncertain how she will be accepted. She finds that the Detective in charge of the investigation is suspicious of Kate since she not only discovered the body but also has taken over Wade’s driving position.

The author takes the readers behind the scenes of racing and puts you behind the wheel with Kate. Kate is trying to concentrate on her driving as well as attempting to clear her name and prove that she is innocent.

Strong characters and a lot of excitement make this book a great read and you don’t have to be interested in racing to enjoy the book and learn a lot about the sport.

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