Act of Deceit: A Harlan Donnally Novel by Steven Gore

Act of DeceitReviewed by Julie Moderson

Steven Gore improves every time he writes another book and I wouldn’t have believed that he could improve. Each of his novels becomes my favorite until the next one comes out.

Donnally is a former detective and he is asked by a dying friend to find his younger sister that he hasn’t seen since he was young. Donnally promises to find her and deliver a letter to her. Little does he know that this promise will take him on a wild adventure to find the young woman. Donnally finds himself doing battle against very powerful and wealthy people on both sides of the border. He is driven to keep the promise to his dear friend and discovers demons he never imagined he would find but keeps going until he knows what really happened.

This is an excellent book with so many plots and subplots it keeps you guessing what will happen until the last page.

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