Releasing Gillian’s Wolves by Tara Woolpy

Releasing Gillian's WolvesReviewed by Teri Davis

How many people give up their dreams in order to support a spouse or raise children? For women, it is often expected.

Gillian gave up her dreams of being an artist when she married Jack Sach. Being that Jack wanted to enter the field of politics, Gillian was the devoted wife in helping with the campaigns and providing food for many of the meetings throughout the past thirty years. She has also had the problem of letting go of her anger towards Jack with his constant affairs.

The latest conquest is a young intern, naturally, who also showed interest in their son. After witnessing the breaking of her son’s heart because of her husband’s indiscretion, Gillian wants time to decide what to do. Fortunately, she inherited money so that makes life easier for her.

Gillian has a long-time gay friend, Edward, who has always been there when she needed a shoulder. Now Edward’s life is changing and Gillian is taking charge of her life, her way.

Releasing Gillian’s Wolves is Tara Woolpy’s debut novel. She has published poems and short stories in a multitude of publications. Currently she is a professor of aquatic sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. She has also published under the last names of Reed, Danaan, and Reed-Andersen.

This story is definitely geared towards a female audience. It also leans to the romantic genre. Parts of the story are autobiographical in that Tara Woolpy’s mother was involved with politics in Idaho.
For a first novel, the story was very well-written, well-organized, and logical. The characters were believable and definitely human. The inner voice had a strong feeling of authenticity. All of us have wolves inside, hidden talents that need to be released or at least tested. For those who have ever wondered, “What if I had…” you need to read this. I look forward to future novels by this author.

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