Pole Shift 2: The Ribbon Years by Albert Samuel Tukker

Reviewed by Teri Davis

As a continuation from the first book Pole Shift, this novel continues. As a quick refresher, Pole Shift is the thrilling action adventure novel about the change of our planet’s magnetic poles due to the galactic alignment and change in the gravitational forces that actually shift our magnetic poles which level the mountains and create the Plains Sea in middle America.

Forrest Woods, along with Claire, is continuing his search for survivors in the area of what we now consider as Arizona, Kansas, and Nebraska and being guided by the spirit of his former wife in the form of a blue firefly. He is also looking for the changes in geography as well as the changes in the wildlife such as carnivorous rabbits and cows.

Forrest and Claire are constantly wondering about the people they meet along their journey. They are surprised that there seem to be either those who are evil or good. There is no middle ground. They are constantly rescuing those who need help and attempting to eliminate those who take advantage of others.

There are also many realistic health and injury challenges which are believable with anyone being exposed to the elements and fighting with others. The grieving of personal losses also is considered and varied as it is in real life.

Forrest seems to have a restlessness that is balanced by his wandering and searching. As the story progresses, he changes as his personal needs evolve. The strength of this science fiction/almost western is the characters and their relationships with each other. Sometimes though, it seemed a little too black and white with no regard for the areas in-between.

The ending was forced with skips in time as the chapters progressed. Being that this was not present in the earlier parts of the novel, it is unsettling and seems contrived. The author obviously wanted to end this series.

I loved Pole Shift and would recommend that this be read immediately after it. Albert Samuel Tukker is an extremely talented author who seems to be overlooked by the publishers. His previous novel, Rage, won third place in the Mystery/Suspense/ Thriller category by Premier Book Awards for 2009.

Read anything written by Albert Samuel Tukker. You won’t be disappointed.

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