In Search of Rose Notes by Emily Arsenault

In Search of Rose NotesReviewed by Julie Moderson

Emily Arsenault captures us and we can’t stop reading until we know what happened to Rose. Eleven year old girls, Nora and Charlotte, are best friends and Rose is Charlotte’s teenage babysitter. Rose disappears one night after walking with Nora on her way home and is never heard from again. Charlotte and Nora spent the better part of a year trying to solve the mystery of what happened to Rose. Charlotte had some books that were hidden in her closet on paranormal techniques and theories. The girls loved to look at the books and had no idea how bored Rose was. Nora was sometimes frightened by Charlotte’s ideas that she thought of when looking at her books. The girls use some ideas from the books to try to figure out what happened to Rose.

Many years later when the girls are in their late twenties, Charlotte calls up Nora and says they found her; Nora knows instantly they have found Rose. Nora and Charlotte haven’t spoken since high school graduation and before that was when they were eleven. Charlotte wants to pick up their friendship where they left off and solve the mystery of Rose’s disappearance; but Nora isn’t sure. Nora left the small town of Waverly the summer after she graduated high school and has never returned.

What happened to Rose and why did Nora and Charlotte stop being friends? This book will keep you up until you finish it because you really want know what happened to Rose. This is such a fresh book and you never see the ending coming. What an excellent book!

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