County Line by Bill Cameron

County LineReviewed by Patricia Reid

Skin Kadash returns home after spending a month in a retreat called Last Homely House. Last Homely House is a bed and breakfast where Skin has been recuperating from a near-fatal gunshot wound. Skin has been following doctor’s orders but now he is back and anxious to see Ruby Jane Whittaker. Skin keeps trying Ruby’s cell phone on the way back home but he doesn’t get a response. Ruby Jane owns several coffee houses and Skin is sure he will find her at one of them but that does not happen. She has left town without telling anyone her destination.

When Skin gains access to Ruby’s home, he finds a homeless man dead in Ruby Jane’s bathtub. Skin contacts the police and gets the body removed but is still no closer to finding out what has happened to Ruby Jane.

With a gut feeling that Ruby is in danger, Skin begins a search for her. His first stop is Pete McKrall. Pete now lives in Walnut Creek, California. Pete had a relationship with Ruby Jane but that is in the past. Now Skin fears that Ruby has gone back to Pete. Pete knows no more about where Ruby Jane has gone than Skin does but decides he is going to join in the search.

Ruby’s trail leads the two across the country and deep into Ruby Jane’s past. It appears that Ruby Jane has not been totally honest about her past. The two uncover one surprise after another but Ruby Jane seems to be one step ahead of them. It is obvious that she doesn’t want to be found. This makes Skin and Pete even more determined to locate her.

Skin is a retired police officer who knows his way around trouble and there is no end to the trouble he runs into in his search for Ruby Jane. There is excitement on every page and Ruby Jane’s background is a puzzle that takes a while to put together and reveals a young Ruby Jane very different from the adult that Skin is familiar with.

Bill Cameron has developed some wonderful characters in his Skin Kadash novels. County Line can be read as a stand-alone but the previous novels are well worth reading and it is difficult to pick a favorite.

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