Infinite Exposure by Roland Hughes

Infinite ExposureReviewed by Teri Davis

Usually when someone mentions they have read a factual book that was written like fiction, it means the book has a plot and reads easily. However, Infinite Exposure reads like fact but is really fiction. This isn’t meant to be negative, it simply means there is so much that either has happened, or is similar to a recent event, that the book takes time to digest and understand.

Infinite Exposure is the overlaying of numerous international plots involving al-Quaeda, most notably with the financial world involving the banking system. Being terrifyingly realistic in terms of present day in the United States, the plot of numerous companies being competitive and attempting to sabotage each other, seems to be very honest, straightforward, and too realistic. With having numerous companies outsource the computer specialties to India in order to be more profitable, is a reality today. What happens if there is a problem at an international data center? What if the data is destroyed either accidentally or by an act of terrorism? When does profit outweigh the balance of common sense?

The implications in this fictional novel are terrifying and realistic. Most of us go about our day and really do not consider if our bank is associated with FDIC or even what that really means. The other issues of terrorism in Infinite Exposure are the central data banks, international banking, the illegal trade of human organs, the entire communication system, stock exchanges, the computer industry, the demise of Christianity, the media’s reporting, and how the international world views our lifestyles and choices.

Curiously in this novel are unusual spaces in-between the words and no use of quotation marks. Also, since the story at first involves e-mail messages, there were strange errors such as when the word “café” was used a naught sign was placed over the last e, four separate times. It was as if the novel had a code within the story.

Roland Hughes is the president of Logikal Solutions which is a business applications consulting firm. His expertise in this field makes him the perfect author for this novel.

Infinite Exposure is not a quick read, but is a vital one. Each of us needs to be aware of the threats to our way of life. I know that after reading this novel, I plan to make some changes.

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