Toys by James Patterson

ToysReviewed by Patricia Reid

Toys moves the reader forward to the year 2061 where humans are referred to as skunks and the Elites are in charge. Hays Baker is an Elite. Although every Elite has special powers, Hays Baker seems to have received more than his share of strength, intelligence and good looks. Hays has a beautiful wife, Lizabeth, and two wonderful children. The future is bright for Hays until the fatal day when he was called to a Toyz store where many were dead due to a violent attack.

Owen McGill, Hays partner, was sure that the killings were the result of an attack by skunks. Hays set out to catch the skunks that had caused the carnage but in his attempt to catch them he took a fall that was beyond even his capacity for survival without serious damage. Hays winds up in the hospital. Suddenly Hays was no longer the perfect example of an Elite but a person that the Elites hated and wanted to torture and interrogate.

Hays goes on the run and ends up at the home of his parents. In reconnecting with his parents Hays learns the truth of his heritage as well as the horrors that humans have been subjected to at the hands of the ruling Elites.

He learns that the Elites are planning to wipe out the whole human race. Hays conflict between his sympathy for the humans and his connection with the Elites makes for interesting reading.

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