The Take by Mike Dennis

The TakeReviewed by Patricia Reid

Eddie Ryan is a small time bookie and not a very good one at that. Eddie violated the first rule for bookies and that is never let the betting get too one-sided. World Series betting got Eddie in a world of trouble with no way to pay off the bets.

Eddie takes his troubles to Raymond Cannetta, a loan shark, who agrees to lend Eddie the money he needs but Cannetta’s repayment plan is one that is very difficult to meet without missing a payment here and there. Cannetta’s repayment plan does not allow for missed payments.

Eddie’s buddy Val Borden devises a plan where the two will rob Chico Salazar, a local drug dealer. The two manage to pull off the robbery but it doesn’t go as planned. Chico is hurt very badly and now the gang’s after the robbers. The future isn’t looking good for Eddie or Val but Felina, the beautiful woman who lives with Val, decides that she is sick of Val and proposes that Eddie take her somewhere safe where they can enjoy the proceeds of the robbery.

The two go on a road trip but not one to Felina’s liking. Felina wants to go to Mexico. Eddie is determined that he must go to New Orleans and visit his sister Linda who has stood by him since childhood. Eddie feels he owes Linda and wants to pay her back.

Meanwhile back in Houston a couple of crocked cops have picked up Eddie’s trail and they want the money.

Eddie’s maneuvering, with the help of Felina, gains him a little time but it is a draw as to who will wind up with the cash. The outcome is a big surprise.

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