The Night Season by Chelsea Cain

The Night Season

Reviewed by Gina Metz

The Night Season is the fourth in Chelsea Cain’s Archie Sheridan series. The city of Portland is right in the middle of a disaster in The Night Season. The Willamette River is flooding and the citizens are busy sandbagging trying to save what they can.

Several people appear to have drowned in the flooding but when a fourth person is hanging on by a thread it becomes apparent that the first three were murders. Now Archie is on the trail of another serial killer with the help of his task force. Their task is not easy since the victims were thrown into the Willamette and the evidence they need to catch the killer may have all washed away.

Reporter Susan Ward is busy trying to chase the serial killer story with Archie but also following up on the story of an old skeleton that was unearthed in the flooding. She believes he drowned in a flooding over sixty years ago when the city of Vanport was washed away and at least fifteen people were killed.

Susan is working closely with Archie again. Gretchen Lowell, the Beauty Killer, is safely locked away in jail during this book so Archie’s personal life has calmed down a bit. However, the serial killer they are now chasing is very dangerous and you wonder as you read if Archie, Susan and his team will survive this one.

Once you start The Night Season you will want to finish reading it in one sitting. This is another gripping installment in the Archie Sheridan series. One does not need to read the previous books in the series to be able to enjoy this book but I do believe the series is better read in order. I impatiently await future installments in this series.

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