The Linen Queen by Patricia Falvey

The Linen QueenReviewed by Julie Moderson

Sheila McGee is an unhappy woman in the beginning of the novel because she wants more than anything to escape the boring mill town in Northern Ireland. Her father abandoned Sheila and her mother and then he died in a boating accident. Sheila’s mother is somewhat crazy and takes all of Sheila’s money and is terrible to Sheila. She works in Queensbrook Spinning Mill as a spinner. Sheila is a fun girl who loves to flirt with guys and drink and dance. Her best friend from childhood is Gavin O’Rourke, it seems as if he wants to be more than just friends, but Sheila wants to be nothing more than friends.

One day the mill announces that there will be a competition between other mills and Queensbrook for the Linen Queen. Sheila is quite the beauty and wants to enter and win the competition. Sheila doesn’t get picked to be in the pageant but then the owner of the mill decides that he wants her in the competition. Shelia’s friend Kathleen gives her spot in the pageant to her. Shelia wins the Linen Queen title and finds out that it is not such a great job to have. The war comes to her small town and everyone wants to meet the Americans. The men from the town don’t like the completion with the men in uniform and short haircuts.

This is a love story about growing up and seeing you are someone with more than just your looks and friends are your family sometimes more that your own family. It makes you feel as if you were there during the war.

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