The Complaints by Ian Rankin

The ComplaintsReviewed by Nancy Eaton

Malcolm Fox works in the Complaints and Conduct office. The main purpose of this office is to investigate other cops. Many cops asked the same questions – How can you do it? How can you spit on your own kind? It is not surprising that a person doing this type of work is not well liked.

Malcolm has many things going on in his personal life. His father is in a nursing home and his sister is in an abusive relationship.

Fox just finished a case involving a well-known officer when he is asked to investigate a young officer because his computer shows links to a child abuse ring. He soon discovers that this officer is investigating a death that is very close to his sister. To make matters worse, Fox likes this young officer. As the investigation continues, Fox gets to the point where he does not know who to trust.

The Complaints consists of a very complicated plot along with numerous characters. The reader must really pay close attention to keep everything straight but in the end it will be well worth it. Malcolm Fox is an ex-alcoholic and does everything by the book. He is a very likeable and I hope to read more books with him as the lead character. The Complaints is typically Ian Rankin. He really knows how to build a story with a gripping plot. After reading this book, I no longer miss Inspector Rebus!

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