Reckless by Andrew Gross (Review #3)

RecklessReviewed by Julie Moderson

Andrew Gross doesn’t disappoint readers with this page-turner. From the first page you won’t put this book down.

The financial world is collapsing and large banks are losing and going bankrupt. Financial officers are ending up dead. Is it murder or suicide or something else?

Ty Hauck’s friend is murdered in a home invasion and Ty will risk everything to try to solve the crime. The problem is Ty now works as an international financier not the ex-cop he used to be. Ty hooks up with a beautiful US Department of Treasury employee Naomi Blum and together they try to solve the riddle and figure out why someone is trying to ruin US banks and will stop at nothing to do so even murder.

Ty gets an assignment to investigate the boyfriend of a well to do client and finds way more than he bargained for and is told to stop looking but to Ty that is the same as saying keep digging you are onto something.

What a great book with excellent characters and a wonderful plot that changes so quickly.

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