Night Road by Kristin Hannah (Review #2)

Night RoadReviewed by Caryn St. Clair

For Lexi Baill, moving to Washington State to live with her Great Aunt was just the latest in a long chain of new beginnings for her. So often disappointed when the moves did not work out, Lexi didn’t want to let herself believe that this time would be any better than the previous moves. But on the very first day of high school, Lexi meets Mia Farraday and her “most popular boy in school” twin brother Zach and things were different. For the first time in her life, Lexi was a part of things. Mia and Zach’s mother was a textbook example of the “helicopter” mom-forever hovering over the twins. While they resented it, for Lexi it was something she’d wanted her entire life-a mom who cared. Mia and Lexi became best friends and although they fought it, Lexi and Zach became romantically involved. Things were great for the threesome almost all of the way through high school. But one night close to graduation, tragedy struck and their lives were forever altered.

This is a fairly standard book for both the author and the genre. Readers know from the beginning that there will be at least one close relationship shattered by some sort of tragedy that changes everything. There is just such an event in Night Road and it is easily predicted as to what is going to happen well before the event occurs. This is what Hannah’s fans expect. It’s how the characters work through the event’s aftermath that is the main story. The characters are forced to dig deep within themselves to find the courage to put the past behind them and go on with life.

One of the things that make Hannah’s novels so appealing to her audience is that the plot lines are created around scenarios either experienced or dreaded by so many women and girls. Who hasn’t been the new kid at school or the kid with the wrong clothes or the embarrassing family life? What mother doesn’t hover over her children trying to protect them from the evils of the world or at least shelter them from the pitfalls of the teenage years? Author Hannah knows her readership and does an excellent job of writing for it.

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