Negative Image by Vicki Delany

Negative ImageReviewed by Patric Reid

Rudolph Steiner is a famed photographer whose career is sliding downhill. When Steiner visits Trafalgar in British Columbia along with his wife Josie and his assistant Diane Barton, life suddenly becomes unsettled for Constable Molly Smith.

Steiner’s body is discovered in the bathroom of his hotel room. Investigation proves that Eliza Winters was a visitor to Steiner’s room just before the murder. Eliza is the wife of John Winters, Molly’s boss and mentor. Eliza is a model and formerly worked with Steiner. Eliza becomes a suspect in the murder and her husband is banned from the investigation.

There have been a series of breaking and entering in Trafalgar and no suspects have been discovered. Since Winters can’t be involved in the murder investigation, he decides to devote his time to solving the breaking and entering crimes. Winters enlists Molly to do a door-to-door investigation of the neighborhoods where the crimes occurred.

Molly has been seeing Adam Tocek of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and is having some issues with Adam’s attempts to protect her reputation. Molly is not only concerned about her relationship with Adam but Charlie Bassing has begun stalking Molly. Molly helped send Charlie to jail when Charlie attacked Molly’s best friend. Molly is keeping a record of the incidents that involve Charlie Bassing but hasn’t confided her fears either to Adam or her fellow workers.

To add to Molly’s problems, her dad falls and breaks his hip. Molly has the added worry of her father’s health but she’s also quite concerned with the way her mother, who usually takes everything in stride, is handling her dad’s hospitalization.

Negative Image is the fourth book in the Constable Molly Smith series. It is not necessary to read the previous books in order to enjoy Negative Image, get a real feel for life in Trafalgar, and meet the great characters that Delany has created.

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