Love You More by Lisa Gardner

Love You MoreReviewed by Russell Ilg

Lisa Gardner was the winner of last years Best Thriller Novel at The Thriller Writers Convention in New York City for The Neighbor. A huge honor for any writer and well deserved for one of the best in the industry. Now she has her next smash hit ready to hit the stores, Love You More. I really felt that she had reached her stride in The Neighbor and was hoping she could do just as well with her new book. Well was I thrown a curve. She not only matched her best to date but blew it right out of the water.

I usually read 4-5 books a week and you get to know what to expect from the people you read all the time. I have no idea where this came from but it is by far the most twisted, non-stop thriller I can remember reading in years. The story grabs you the second you pick it up and read the 1st sentence, then hold on, you are about to embark on one of the greatest rides of your life in a book that will not stop for one second. The pace and twist and turns are completely off the charts. You had better have a good nights rest before you start this novel because you will not sleep again until you have finished every last word of it. And do not think it ends there; there will be days to come that all you can think about is what happened in this stellar thriller.

The story is so real, it is hard to believe the amount of time Lisa had to spend on the research to get all the details right. It is as if it was ripped right out of the nightly news as the most sensational story in years. I had to keep telling myself it is only a story, it is not real, as every bone in my body was living the story as it unfolded.

The real way of knowing how super a talent Lisa has become is to read the book. How anyone is able to see so far ahead in a story so detailed and in completely uncharted territory. Lisa has done what no author has been able to do since I was a teenager and I qualify for AARP now. She drew me in so deep that I was unable to have a clue where the story would go. I used the word story but it was much more than that: Every word and every page was a step to the end that turned into another bizarre twist that blew me away.

A book is like a movie to me; I picture the whole thing unfolding in my mind which makes books so rare. They allow you to see what is happening and interpret it in your mind much better than any regular movie or TV episode which shows you what you need to see. There is so much between the lines, under the surface, making this one of the greatest thrillers of all times.

If you do not read another book this year and you love thrillers and suspense, this is the one it will stay with you for years to come. It is just so shocking and beyond belief that anyone has this type of ability to bring this altogether. I would love to see someone make a movie of this if they could keep to the book. It would be one of the best of all times.

Lisa will being doing a tour of this novel that you can find on her web site or just by goggling her name and clicking on her official website; it lists every place she will be. Do yourself a huge favor and go out a meet her in person, the award winning greatest author of the year. You will have the best time in the world and learn what it takes to be so great. She is by far just a great person like anyone of us and cannot do enough for the people that come and see her. She will answer any question you have and is just pleased to see people that love her books. You will even be able to get your book signed at the same time. If at all possible, make every effort to get out and meet her. You are in for a huge surprise.

Many years ago I got to meet, at the time, one of my all time favorite authors. I was in heaven never having the chance to talk to one so personally before. I was sort of tongue tied but got out what and honor it was to have the chance to meet him. What he said to me has stuck with me my whole life and is the motto of every author I have ever meet since. He said “No the pleasure is mine, because without you I would not be here today.” That quote is also who Lisa Gardner is. She loves her fans and knows if they do not buy her books, she would not be writing, so you get to meet one of the greatest writers today and she will make you feel like family. Does it get any better!!!!

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