Leaving Yesterday by Kathryn Cushman

Leaving YesterdayReviewed by Jane Quires

This is a power packed book. I highly recommend it to all. I found myself weeping for joy at the end. This is a story that grips you and causes you to want to be there for others. It also shows that sometimes one may not understand what a person is going through or why they do the things they do.

Alisa loses one son to death, which sets off many problems in the home. I know first hand how young people trying to find themselves can affect the whole family. A God of second chances is revealed. There is a mother who loves her son unconditionally and will do whatever it takes to protect him but finally has to come to grips with having to make a hard choice. Forgiveness, renewal, pretension by Christians who wear masks, and much more is revealed.

This book shows how tough decisions are not easy but can be the right one at times. Sins that are hidden will always be brought to light sooner or later. I could so relate to Alisa when those she thought were her friends weren’t there for her when she was facing tough issues but others she didn’t think would be were. No matter what you are struggling with you will find encouragement from this book.

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