Executive Intent by Dale Brown

Executive IntentReviewed by Jud Hanson

Thor’s Hammer: America’s newest space-based defensive system. It’s capable of striking any place on the planet. Problems with it exist, however, as several of its components began to fail, the result of apparent sabotage. President Gardner has reservations about using it but things become worse when it misses its mark and kills thousands of Pakistani civilians. This provides an opening to China to establish a presence near Middle Eastern ports vital to America’s security. China goes a step further and launches a brutal attack on Somalia pirates’ havens in Somalia, a seemingly altruistic act. Tensions rise, however, when U.S. Naval vessels are attacked and the American space station is held hostage by a joint Chinese-Russian force of spacecraft, demanding the dismantling of Thor’s Hammer. McLanahan is called upon by U.S. Space Defense Force commander Kai Raydon to stop the sabotage of Thor’s Hammer and try to stop tensions from becoming a global war between superpowers.

Executive Intent by Dale Brown is another winner for his long-running series featuring General Patrick McLanahan. As always, he borrows from current events as the basis for his novel and enhances them in ways few authors can match. I have been a fan for over 20 years, starting with Flight of the Old Dog and have found few thriller authors that can hold my attention like Brown. I highly recommend this book to all who love military thrillers and give it 5 stars.

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